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While you can achieve beautiful, glowing skin after spending some time at our premier medical spa, ImageRx®, we also encourage you to practice good skin care habits at home. We offer a wide array of spa products at our deluxe Long Beach, California facility, for you to take home after your in-office treatment. A knowledgeable skin care professional is always happy to review your specific case and recommend the necessary course of at-home treatments for you. It is no secret that your skin looks amazing when it is at its healthiest.


We promote products that successfully enhance the overall health, and therefore appearance, of your skin. To learn more about our exceptional spa products, contact our Long Beach medical spa today.

Comprehensive Spa Products

Latisse® is a safe and effective prescription treatment for hypotrichosis, or insufficient eyelashes. This FDA-approved product is used at home for the purpose of growing eyelashes, so they become thicker, fuller, darker, and longer. The application process is quick and simple; you will place a small amount of the Latisse® solution to the area where the eyelashes meet the eyelid, using an applicator brush. After consistent use of the product for up to 16 weeks, you will notice a dramatic difference in the appearance of your lashes.

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Learn More about Our Complete Spa Products

ImageRx® offers a full line of pharmaceutical-grade skin care products for your personal, at-home use. We provide our clients with only those skin care treatments that have been clinically proven to be safe and effective. To learn more about our remarkable spa products, contact our Long Beach medical spa today. A dedicated representative will answer your questions, or assist you in scheduling an appointment.



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