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4 benefits of laser hair removal treatments

Why consider laser treatments for hair removal?

The reasons why patients decide to come for a series of laser hair removal treatment are many. Some come because they are tired of ingrown hairs after waxing. Others come to our office because the constant shaving makes them itchy and they have developed embarrassing discoloration or scarring as a result of scratching. Others do it because their hormones are out of balance and have caused them to grow too much hair in uncommon areas. Athletes do it because they are tired of shaving their entire bodies regularly.

I can go on and on as to the many reasons why patients decide to proceed with treatment. As a result, the benefits of laser hair removal are very personal to each patient. Regardless of the reason why patients decide to remove their unwanted hair by laser, there are a few universal benefits as a result of significantly reducing the hair with a laser.

Much more than just looking better.

laser hair removal for men and womenIt is important to understand that the benefits are not just cosmetic, but also greatly emotional and psychological for many. I have patients that go from never taking their shirt off at the beach because of having too much hair on their back to having their mother hug me at the grocery store because I “have changed their son’s life” — he now feels comfortable at age 40 to take his shirt off at the beach.

Similarly, a 25-year old young woman went from never kissing anyone because she was afraid that someone would feel the hairs on her chin to being married and feeling more secure about herself.

Or the young lady who now feels comfortable lying next to her husband because her legs “no longer feel like a man’s legs.”

Many people ask me if I get tired or bored of the repetitive process of the treatment, but I truly do not. Especially, when I am improving someone’s life in the process each time.

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